General Class Information: Whatever your starting point, we want you to leave your class feeling energised and ready to face the day with a smile. Our ‘me’ time classes give time to focus on our movements, listen to our bodies, and retrain the good alignment, strength, and flexibility that will help us all move through our daily routine safely, strongly and with renewed confidence – as well as meet new people and laugh along the way. We hope you can join us! 

Progressions are adapted to individual needs and all levels are welcome in all classes. All classes incorporate weightbearing and balance positions in standing, side, prone, supine, four-point kneeling, and individual adaptations as needed to help everyone work safely and progressively.

So whether you are recovering from injury, find it difficult to work on the floor, would you like to improve/challenge balance, increase your standing weight bearing activity, or challenge your current practice, we have something for you! 

Take a look below for general guidelines on the day/time that may be most suited to your individual needs and aims. Get in touch

Timetable February 2022

NEW FOR ’22: We are delighted to offer a series of Masterclasses and an additional Tuesday evening class (see below for details).

January: We are taking some down time so there will be no classes this month. We look forward to facing February fully recharged and full of new ideas!

February: Weeks commencing 31st January, 7th, and 14th February. It’s a short month that ends with a half-term break. At less than £25, this three-week block of classes makes the perfect gift to a friend – or to yourself! For regular students, this is a great way to bump-start the new year and catch up with familiar faces. Early booking is advised.


08.00 – 09.00: Mat work (Improver/Intermediate)

09.15 – 10.15: Mat work (Improver/Intermediate). 

NEW for ’22! 19.45 – 20.45 Mat work (Intermediate/Advanced)


09.15 – 10.15: Mat work (Beginner/Improver/Intermediate) 

Beginner classes are most suitable for complete beginners or anyone who may have been away for a while. It is also ideal for anyone living with conditions or restrictions that more than moderately challenge balance, weightbearing or full participation. We also welcome NHS referrals or anyone advised by a medical practitioner that Pilates would be beneficial to their overall health care or rehab plan. 

Intermediate/Improver classes are most suited to those who have attended Pilates classes in the past, are able to weight bear in four-point kneeling, and to move through full or adapted roll-down movements. Students have a good understanding of Pilates principles and how their own bodies move. 

Advanced are most suited to those who have recently experience in working at intermediate or improver level, or use Pilates to underpin their sport or physical theatre movement training.

Master classes are specific to each group and unless stated, are for ages 18+:

Balance: students should have no underlying health conditions, be able to weight bear on hands, gentle jog for 90 seconds, and be prepared for working in inverted positions i.e. head/handstands.

Stretching: not suitable for students who are pregnant, post natal less than 12 months, or have a diagnosed hypermobility condition

Slings and things: ideal for women or men who find themselves carrying/lifting babies and young children or seem to spend much of the day with a sling on their back or front. Must have had post natal check and be cleared for exercise, specifically Pilates.

Cost General Classes last 60 minutes, cost £7 per session, payable as a block in advance of the first class. Master classes are generally 90 minutes and cost £15.

Class size maximum 9 students

Make up policy We want to make our classes available to as many as possible, and to ensure everyone has the best possible experience, so our fees and class sizes are kept to a minimum. Therefore, should all classes be full, we regret it is not generally possible to offer make up or alternative sessions.

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What the students say

I attended Sharon's London classes for two years. Her attention to detail and individual correction within the group is superb. I can honestly say that this hour made the most difference to my physical well-being.

Lisa, fitness instructor and fitness centre manager for over 23 years.

These classes are always friendly, welcoming and interactive. Sharon is the best teacher I have worked with. My balance and flexibility have definitely improved. I certainly know when I have been to her class!

Carole, started class as part of her return-to-fitness/rehab plan.

As physical theatre performers, having a strong core is vital. Sharon has years of physical training experience. She is a deeply empathetic person with a great understanding of the body working in a performance context.

Ben, professional juggler & physical performance specialist.